Lowchen Pictures and Information

The Lowchen is a small breed that has a wide skull. The eyes are circular and dark in color, and the ears are shaped like pendants.


Lowchen Description

These dogs have tails that are moderate in length, and the fur is long with a wavy texture. The desired coat colors for this breed are lemon, black, or white. Some of these dogs may be speckled, and while this is acceptable, it is not a pattern that is sought after by breeders. These dogs have an appearance that has been likened to a miniature lion. The nose should be black in color, and the head should be short. Despite the small size of these dogs, their bodies should be well defined.

The Lowchen is a breed that originates in France. It became popular in Spain and Germany during the 16th century. The Lowchen has been listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as being one of the rarest dog breeds in the world.


Also Known As

  • Little Lion Dog
  • Petit Chien Lion

Country of Origin



The Lowchen is a loving dog that is a quick learner. Despite their size, they are brave and enjoy being in the company of those they care for. These dogs are intelligent, and they are a joy to train. They love playing with children, and they will behave well with dogs and other pets. The Lowchen is well known for being stubborn. Male Lowchens are not afraid to battle dogs that are twice their size, and this can get them injured or killed. Some of these dogs may bark excessively, and this can become annoying for owners.

Health Problems

The Lowchen is a breed that has very few health problems. The only disorder that has been seen with these dogs is patellar luxation. Despite this, these dogs are healthy and will have a maximum life expectancy of 14 years.


Owners will want to take these dogs for extended walks. They enjoy exercising and can adapt to the routine that is set by their owners. These are small dogs that will live well in an apartment of a small home. They do not need to have a yard.

Special Grooming Needs

It is important for owners to make sure tangles don’t appear in the coat. To avoid this, the coat will need to be brushed or combed daily. The Lowchen does not shed large amounts of fur, and owners will want to make sure the dead hair is removed. These dogs are great for people who have allergies.