Sloughi Pictures and Information

The Sloughi is a long, slender dog that originates in Morocco. It is a part of the sighthound family of canines. While they are similar to the Azawakh, they are not related to the Saluki.


Sloughi Description

The Sloughi has a short haired coat, and is medium in size. It has an expression that could be described as being mournful. This breed has long muscles, and they have a body structure which is very similar to a Greyhound. The eyes of the ideal Sloughi should always be amber in color. The color of the skin may be red sand or light sand. This dog has an elastic gait, and it has a compact build.

While the Sloughi is commonly found in Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, or Algeria, there is some debate as to where it originated. Some believe that it is an Ethiopian breed that was owned by many Pharaohs. What is certain is that the Sloughi is an African breed, and has existed for thousands of years.



The Sloughi is a sensitive breed. It is active and intelligent, and loves to run. It has a slender frame which allows it to move at fast speeds. It is not a dog that likes to be confined to a small area. These dogs are loyal to their owners, and will want to spend large amounts of time with them. This is a breed that is easy to train. Because these dogs are sensitive, owners will not want to use stern training methods. While this dog is affectionate to those that care for, it is used as a guard dog in its country of origin, and it can assist hunters as well. These dogs are fast, loyal, and reliable to their owners.


There are no known health problems that are specific to this breed. Sloughis have a life expectancy of 12 years or more.


Sloughis do not need excessive amounts of exercise. They enjoy running in an open area, and they also like walking on a leash. These dogs are not suited to apartments or small homes. Owners will want to make sure they have plenty of space to run around in.


The Sloughi has a short, smooth coat that does not need large amounts of care. Owners will want to make sure a strong brush is used, and it should be brushed or bathed when it is needed. There is little information available on the shedding characteristics of this breed.