Skye Terrier Pictures and Information

The Sky Terrier is a dog which has an impressive look. It has a long body, and the length should be much longer than its height.


Skye Terrier Description

They have strong muzzles, a dark nose, and their eyes should be dark brown in color. While the ears can stand upright, they may also fall down as well. The tail should not be curled, and the outer coat should be hard while the undercoat should be soft. The coat colors for this breed should either be cream or grayish blue, but the ears must be black. A touch of white is allowed on the chest, and the teeth should be in the form of a scissors bite. These dogs have feet that could be likened to rabbits.

The Skye Terrier has an interesting history. It was bred as the result of a shipwreck that occurred during the 17th century. The shipwreck occurred near the island of Skye, and there were some Maltese dogs on the ship that lived through the incident. These dogs went on to mate with the local terriers on the island, and the Skye Terrier was produced. These dogs were highly popular with Queen Victoria.

Skye Terrier


The Skye Terrier is a breed that has an excellent nature. There are well behaved and loving, and they can be playful when it is appropriate. These dogs are some of the most serious members of the Terrier family. They will demand large amounts of attention from their owners. While they can be reliable and protective, they can also be strong-willed. Owners will want to make sure these dogs are properly socialized while they’re young. This is a breed that may be wary of strangers, and it may attack people it is not familiar with.

Health Problems

There are no health problems that are specific to Skye Terriers. They are healthy dogs and will have a maximum life expectancy of 12 years.


These dogs do not need large amounts of exercise. They are independent and can exercise themselves if they are given enough space. The Skye Terrier is excellent for people who live in apartments. It does not need to have a yard. These dogs also enjoy being taken on long walks.

Special Grooming Needs

Owners will want to pay close attention to these dogs. If their coats are not cared for on a daily basis, it will become matted. It takes a few years for Skye Terrier puppies to develop their coats, and they will shed a standard amount of fur.