Lakeland Terrier Pictures and Information

The Lakeland Terrier is a breed of dog which has a square shape. It can be likened to the Welsh Terrier in appearance but is slightly smaller in size.


Lakeland Terrier Description

It is a beautiful breed of dog which has a protracted head, and it also has long legs. The Lakeland Terrier has a fore face that is full of fur. It also has a hard coat which protects it from extreme weather conditions. Even though it is a small dog, the Lakeland Terrier has strong jaws. Its eyes will almost always be hazel in color. The coat can feature a number of colors such as black, tan, wheat, or grizzle. The tail is docked, and the nose will be dark in color.

The Lakeland Terrier was traditionally used in England to hunt badgers and other small animals. It was bred by mixing a Bedlington Terrier with an Old English Wirehaired Terrier. This breed was able to move quickly in water and would kill the animals it hunted once it cornered them. Today it is used mostly as a pet.

Lakeland Terrier

Country of Origin

United Kingdom


The Lakeland Terrier is a dog that is both joyful and loving. It is alert at all times and enjoys being around children. Because of this, it is the ideal family dog. Owners need to consistent when training these dogs. They are known for digging holes, and can also bark excessively. They can also be hard to housebreak but are quick learners. Unlike most Terriers, this breed gets along fine with other dogs. If you have other pets such as cats, you will want to make sure these dogs are trained not to chase them.

Health Problems

Lakeland Terriers are very healthy and have few ailments. There are no diseases that are specific to them. While the typical Lakeland Terrier will live as long as 12 years, there have been some that have lived as long as 16 years.


These dogs must be allowed to run around in enclosed areas on a consistent basis. They are active dogs and enjoy being involved in sports and other physical activities.

Special Grooming Needs

The Lakeland Terrier is a breed that needs to be extensively groomed. The coat will need to be plucked a few times a year, and the hair will have to be removed by hand. Some hair may grow on the ears and feet pads, and owners will want to trim these areas as well. Lakeland Terriers which will be shown at shows need to be groomed even more.