Shiba Inu Dog Pictures and Information

The Shiba Inu is a Japanese breed that is similar to the Akita. It has a face that is pointed, and the forehead of these dogs should be wide.


Shiba Inu Dog Description

The ears should be shaped like triangles and will be erected. The eyes of the Shiba Inu should be dark in color and small. The teeth of this breed should showcase a scissors bite. The tail of the Shiba should be thick and powerful and should be carried in a sickle-shaped curve. While all colors are allowed with this breed, the most common coat colors for the Shiba Inu are red, black, or tan. White or cream has been seen as well. A bit of white is allowed on the legs.

Shiba Inu Dog


The Shiba Inu is an energetic breed that is loving and independent. They are brave and confident, and though they are small in size, the have the characteristics of a dog that is much larger. They have large amounts of speed and agility, and they do not bark a lot. While these dogs are wary around strangers, they enjoy being around children. It is important for owners to make sure these dogs are properly socialized while they’re young. The Shiba Inu may be aggressive with male dogs. These dogs should never be left unattended around small pets such as birds or rodents.

Health Problems

The Shiba Inu does not suffer from a large number of genetic disorders. Some may develop hip dysplasia or PRA, but these ailments are common with other dogs as well. Another condition that has been observed in the Shiba Inu is patellar luxation.


These dogs do not demand large amounts of exercise, so owners will want to be balanced. They tend to be happier and healthy when they are exercised on a consistent basis. The Shiba Inu enjoys being taken on long walks. They can adapt to virtually any environment, and are good for people who live in apartments and homes. They have extensive amounts of stamina. While these dogs can function well in a wide variety of weather conditions, they enjoy being around the family.

Special Grooming Needs

The Shiba Inu has a beautiful coat that is simple to care for. Owners will want to use a strong brush to make sure dead hair is taken off. These dogs should only be bathed when they need it. They will shed large amounts of fur each year.