Segugio Italiano Pictures and Information

The Segugio Italiano is a moderate-sized dog breed that originates in Italy. The body should have a light structure, and it should have the shape of a square.


Segugio Italiano Description

The ears are long and should hang to the sides of the head. The body should be lean, and the tail should be held low. The feet should be small and circular, and the coat should be short and smooth. The acceptable coat colors for the Segugio Italiano are brown and black. The nose should be prominent and dark in color. This is a rare breed that is not common in the United States.

Segugio Italiano

Also Known As

Italian Hound


The Segugio Italiano was bred to hunt and has a strong sense of smell. These dogs are alert and intelligent and will display bravery in the field. The Segugio Italiano is a great companion that will build a strong bond with those that care for it. It has a strong sense of loyalty, and it is quick to obey the commands that it is given by its master. These dogs may be wary around strangers, so it is important for owners to make sure they are socialized while they are puppies. If they are properly socialized, they should be able to get along with other dogs and pets.

Health Problems

The Segugio Italiano is a healthy breed that does not suffer from a large number of genetic disorders. While their exact life expectancy isn’t known, these dogs may not live longer than 15 years.


These dogs have excessive amounts of endurance and will need to get large amounts of exercise. They are not good dogs for people who are not physically active. They will function better in a large yard, and may not live well in small apartments or homes. Owners will want to take these dogs for long walks, and they are excellent companions for owners who enjoy hiking in the woods. It is important to keep control of these dogs, as they may run off if they pick up an interesting scent.

Special Grooming Needs

The Segugio Italiano has a short coat that does not need large amounts of grooming. Owners will want to brush it once a week. The coat should be wiped with a chamois afterward to produce a beautiful shine. The shedding patterns of the Segugio Italiano are not known, and they should only be given a bath when it is necessary. The ears should also be checked for infection.