Perdiguero de Burgos Pictures and Information

The Perdiguero de Burgos is a dog that has excessive amounts of skin, and it is not a very large dog.


Perdiguero de Burgos Description

It has well-defined shoulders, and it also has a wide chest. It has a head that is square in shape, and it features a long muzzle. The Perdiguero de Burgos has long ears that are wide. The coat has a short length, though it is dense, and should always have the colors of either white or liver. While the exact country of origin is unknown for this breed, many experts agree that it appears to come from the Iberian Peninsula. It is a very old breed that has existed since the 15th century. At one point, the Perdiguero de Burgos nearly became extinct, but efforts were made to save it, and it is now a popular dog in Spain.

Perdiguero de Burgos

Also Known As

  • Burgos Pointing Dog
  • Spanish Pointer

Country of Origin



The Perdiguero de Burgos is a breed that was bred to hunt deer. It is also a good pointer and can retrieve small animals. It has a powerful sense of smell that can allow it to compete with scenthounds. This breed has an appearance that is somewhat deceptive. They are fast and can move over difficult terrain within a short period of time. At the same time, it is loyal and will listen to the commands of its master. The Perdiguero de Burgos is a great swimmer and performs well in wet environments. It is also great for children.

Health Problems

There are no known health problems which are related to this breed. They are healthy dogs and are prone to the same ailments which affect other dog breeds. The Perdiguero de Burgos has a maximum life expectancy of about 14 years.


Exercise is extremely important for these dogs. They have stamina and energy which can match that of even the most physically fit owners. These dogs should not be purchased by owners who don’t have time to exercise them. If these dogs aren’t given the exercise they need, they can become problematic. They should also be given lots of room to move around in. These dogs are not good for people who live in most cities or apartments.

Special Grooming Needs

The Perdiguero de Burgos has a smooth coat, and this makes them easy to care for. You will want to make sure their coats are brushed on a regular basis. If their coats are rubbed with a towel, they can produce a brilliant sparkle. Owners will also want to check the feet and ears to make sure they are not damaged. The Perdiguero de Burgos will shed a standard amount of fur.