Kuvasz Dog Pictures and Information

The Kuvasz is a Hungarian breed that has an impressive appearance. It was bred to be a sheepdog, and the muzzle of these dogs should taper.


Kuvasz Dog Description

Both the interior of the mouth and the lips should be black, and the ears must be folded. The eyes of the Kuvasz should be shaped like almonds, and they should have a brown color. This breed should have a body that is a bit longer than its height. While they should have a muscular build, they should not be massive. The coat color of these dogs should be white. While the dog will keep its tail low when it is relaxing, it should be raised when these dogs become active or energetic. The dewclaws on the back legs should be taken off.

Kuvasz Dog

Also Known As

  • Hungarian Kuvasz
  • Hungarian Sheepdog

Country of Origin



This is a breed that is active, courageous, and intelligent. Owners can housebreak them easily, and they were originally bred to protect cattle. Because of this, they will naturally be protective of those that care for them. While the Kuvasz makes a fine guard dog, it may not be the best dog for every owner. Because of the size and protective qualities of these dogs, it is important for them to be purchased by people who can lead them. These dogs will create a powerful connection to those it cares for. The Kuvasz is naturally independent, and can sometimes be reserved with their masters.

Health Problems

Because of their size, the Kuvasz may develop hip dysplasia. In addition to this, they may have joint problem, skin disorders, and allergies. These dogs are also known for drooling. This breed has a maximum life expectancy of 12 years.


The Kuvasz needs large amounts of exercise on a regular basis. If these dogs don’t get the exercise they need, they may dig holes or chew on things. The Kuvasz is not a dog that should be kept in apartments. They need to be given large amounts of space to move around in. At the same time, they should not be left alone for long periods of time. It is also crucial for owners to make sure they never tie these dogs up. The Kuvasz will become vicious if it is tied with a rope or chain. Let them run free in an enclosed area.

Special Grooming Needs

It is important to make sure the coats of these dogs are brushed on a weekly basis. These dogs should not be given baths, as their coats can automatically remove dirt, and bathing them will cause their coats to lose important oils.