Sarplaninac Dog Pictures and Information

The Sarplaninac is a moderate sized dog breed that originates in the Balkans. It was commonly used for herding cattle, and it has a friendly appearance.


Sarplaninac Dog Description

These dogs should stand at a maximum height of 30 inches, and they should not weigh more than 99 pounds. Despite this, it should be noted that some breeds in Yugoslavia may weigh as much as 165 pounds, and the largest dog on record weighed over 300 pounds, as much as an African Lion. The acceptable coat color for this breed is grey, tan, black, or white. The coat should have a thick texture, and it may either be smooth or harsh.

This dog is becoming more popular outside of the Balkans. It is a powerful guardian that has even been known to fight bears and wolves.

Sarplaninac Dog

Also Known As

  • Charplaninatz
  • Illyrian Sheepdog/Shepherd
  • Kosovo Mountain Dog
  • Kosovo Shepherd Dog
  • Macedonian Mountain Dog
  • Macedonian Shepherd Dog
  • Šar Planinac (or Šar Planinec)
  • Yugoslavian Herder
  • Yugoslavian Mountain Dog
  • Yugoslavian Shepherd Dog

Country of Origin

Macedonia / Serbia and Montenegro


Like many shepherd dogs, the Sarplaninac is highly independent. It is wary around strangers, and it can become vicious if it or those it protects are threatened. These dogs are known for being protective. If this dog is not around herds, they will regard their families as being such. At the same time, they are loving with children and they also get along with small dogs. These dogs are so intelligent that they can survive without the assistance of their masters. These dogs will have a natural tendency to herd people away from things it considers to be dangerous. These dogs are hunters and may display these tendencies as well. This dog has frequently been used by the military forces that exist in the Balkans.

Health Problems

This is a hardy breed that does not suffer from any known genetic health problems. Any health problems they suffer from may be found with other dog breeds. The Sarplaninac will have a maximum life expectancy of about 12 years.


The Sarplaninac is a healthy breed that needs extensive amounts of exercise. It was bred to herd and protect sheep, and it will not function well in most apartments or small homes. In fact, this dog may not be good for people that live in urban environments. It will perform best in rural areas that are located in cool climates. These dogs should be protected during the summer months, because they may not tolerate heat very well.

Special Grooming Needs

These dogs have coats that do not require a large amount of grooming. Owners will simply want to use a firm comb or brush on a daily basis.