Pekingese Dog Pictures and Information

The Pekingese is a beautiful dog that features an elaborate coat. The coat will come in a wide variety of different colors, and it has a wide head with large, dark eyes.


Pekingese Dog Description

The face of the Pekingese is flat, and it has a small muzzle that has wrinkles. It has long ears that could be likened to feathers. Though it has a short neck, it is dense. When the ideal Pekingese has its mouth closed, the teeth or tongue should never be visible. Though these dogs are small, they have heavy bones for their size.

The Pekingese is a breed that originates in China. They were believed to be capable of pushing away evil spirits. These dogs have held an important place in Chinese society, and even farmers had to bow down before them. Anyone who stole a Pekingese could be killed. These dogs became known to the west during the 19th century, and are now a popular breed all over the world.

Pekingese dogs are considered a toy dog breed.  They have beautiful coats of long flowing hair.  They have broad heads and dark eyes that are fairly large.  Pekingese dogs are noted for their wrinkled faces and long fluffy ears.  This breed averages from 6 to 9 inches (30-45 cm) in height and 8 to 10 pounds (3.5-4.5 kg) in weight.  This is one of the few breeds in which the female dogs are slightly larger and heavier than the male dogs.  These tiny dogs have a rolling gait that is characteristic for this breed.  

Their coats are long and straight with flowing feathering throughout.  The coats may appear in a multitude of colors.  Daily brushing and combing are mandatory to keep these dogs and their long double coats looking sharp.  Owners should pay particular attention around the hind legs, as those areas tend to become easily matted and dirty.  Female dogs will shed their undercoats when they come into season for breeding.  It is also important to keep the faces and eyes of a Pekingese dog clean each day to prevent infections.  A daily check of the fur around their feet is recommended as well to avoid burrs or other objects from becoming entangled in the hair on them.  Dry shampoo treatments should be used regularly with this breed.  

Pekingese dogs are intelligent and courageous dogs that are also affectionate and sympathetic with their owners.  They are very wary of strangers and despite their small size can make good watchdogs.  They are very alert and tend to bark a lot as well.  Pekingese are often a bit obstinate and may at times refuse to eat to express dominance over their owners.  Be careful not to overfeed these dogs as they can become obese quite quickly.  Housebreaking may be difficult at first but with patience and consistency the task can be accomplished.  Pekingese dogs do not require much exercise but an occasional walk or play session will help keep them fit and active.  

These dogs are not recommended for households with young children who may become too rough when handling these tiny dogs.  These dogs are very loving towards their families and sometimes become so attached that they may begin to show signs of jealousy around them.  

Health concerns that Pekingese owners may want to be aware of include breathing problems, eye problems, heart problems, and difficulties in giving birth to puppies.  It is recommended that female dogs be under the care of a veterinarian when they are pregnant and through delivery.  They also have a tendency to catch colds easily and may be prone to herniated disks or dislocated kneecaps.  The average life expectancy for these dogs is about 10 to 15 years.  

These dogs were once fabled and led pampered lives in the Imperial Court of Peking.  Queen Victoria became the owner of five dogs that survived the Second Opium War and the modern Pekingese breed descended from these lucky canines.  These tiny dogs make great companions today and adapt well to living in apartments, condominiums or houses most all climates.  

Pekingese Dog

Also Known As

  • Foo (or Fu) dog
  • Peking Palasthund

Country of Origin



Despite their size, the Pekingese is courageous.  This can get them in trouble, as they may be prone to putting themselves in dangerous situations. While they are devoted to their masters, they are cautious around people they are not familiar with. They can be stubborn and have been known to refuse food. The Pekingese has a strong personality and can be jealous. They can bark excessively, and are excellent watchdogs. They are not good with many young children, because they can easily be hurt due to their small size.

Health Problems

This particular breed is prone to catching colds. Giving birth can be very challenging for females, and they may also get herniated disks. They may also have problems with fur getting into their eyes, and the Pekingese is also susceptible to having heart problems. However, they can live as long as 15 years if they are cared for.


This breed does not need large amounts of exercise. Some of them will not like taking long walks. The best way to exercise a Pekingese is to allow them to run around and play on their own.

Special Grooming Needs

The Pekingese have long coats that need to care for each day. You will want to be careful near the hindquarters, since this region can become matted. You will want to wash the coat with shampoo on a consistent basis. The face should also be washed each day, and the feet should be checked for burrs as well.