Koolie Dog Pictures and Information

The Koolie is a beautiful dog that may have blue eyes. They have a beautiful coat that features the color merle, and it may also be red or blue as well.


Koolie Dog Description

White patches may be present on the face of the Koolie. While the coat of this breed may be moderate or short in length, it should rarely belong. This is a moderate-sized breed, and the Koolie will weigh a maximum of 44 pounds, and they should stand at a maximum height of 22 inches. The Koolie has a muscular body, and their ears are not prominent. The tail should be bushy, and the nose should feature a dark color.

Koolie Dog

Also Known As

  • Australian Koolie
  • German Collie
  • German Koolie

Country of Origin



The Koolie is a dog breed that has a number of desirable traits. It is active, reliable, and dedicated. It can adapt to virtually any situation, and they will work hard to please those that care for them. These dogs are known for their strong work ethic. Some of these dogs have been known to work until they pass out. They are natural herders and will seek to herd anything they can. This breed is known for their jumping abilities, and they are extremely obedient. The Koolie should never be aggressive, and it should behave well with both dogs and pets which are not canines. They are also good with children who are over the age of six.

Health Problems

One of the known problems associated with Koolie is blindness. In addition to this, they may develop problems with their joints. If the dog jumps to frequently the joints can become damaged. Owners should watch for this as the dog gets older. While the Koolie has an average life expectancy of 18 years, some have been known to live as long as 26 years, which would make them one of the longest-lived dog breeds in the world.


The Koolie is an athletic dog that will need extensive amounts of exercise. These dogs should not be purchased by people who don’t have the time to make sure they get the exercise they need. In addition to exercising, these dogs love to work. These dogs will not be content to lie around your home. They must constantly be active. Because of their energy, they are not good for people who live in apartments.

Special Grooming Needs

The coat of the Koolie is simple to maintain. Owners will want to brush the coat whenever it is needed, and these dogs should only be bathed when it is necessary. The Koolie will shed a standard amount of fur.