Komondor Dog Pictures and Information

The Komondor is a large dog that has a distinctive coat. The body is completely covered by this coat, and it can grow to 11 inches in length.


Komondor Dog Description

The coat color of the Komondor should always be white. The distinctive coat allows these dogs to blend in with sheep, and will also protect it from predators that it may have to fight in order to protect the livestock. In most cases, it will take about 5 years for these dogs to obtain the desired coat length. The muzzle is large, and the eyes should be brown in color. The ears should have the shape of the letter “U”, and should hang downward. The Komondor has a sizeable head, and the teeth of these dogs should form a powerful scissors bite.

Komondor Dog

Also Known As

  • Hungarian Komondor
  • Hungarian Sheepdog

Country of Origin



The Komondor is a breed that has a commanding disposition. They are not comical like some dog breeds, and they are cautious around strangers. They were bred to protect livestock, and they are quick to protect their families as well. These dogs are ferocious fighters and were bred to battle against bears and wolves. Because of the way this dog was bred, it can be aggressive, and will not hesitate to attack strange animals or people. It is important for owners to make sure these dogs are trained while they are puppies. The owner isn’t firm and consistent with their training, these dogs can become stubborn. These are not ideal family dogs.

Health Problems

These dogs are healthy for the most part. A few of the disorders they may develop are hip dysplasia, skin disorders, and bloat. The Komondor has a maximum life expectancy of 12 years.


While it is possible for these dogs to live in cities, they will function better in wide-open spaces. These dogs are independent and do not need their owners to exercise them. If they are given enough space, they can exercise themselves. The Komondor is prone to laziness and may sleep for long periods of time. While it can live in an apartment, it will behave better if it is given large amounts of space.

Special Grooming Needs

Unlike most dog breeds, you should not brush the fur of these dogs at all. The coat must be split and trimmed. It is important to bathe these dogs, and this can be a tedious process. Once the dog has bee bathed, it will take some time for the coat to dry.