Thai Ridgeback Pictures and Information

The Thai Ridgeback is a breed of dog which has a light coat and a well-proportioned body. Their backs are covered with thick fur.


Thai Ridgeback Description

It will have a coat which is either blue, black, silver, or brown in color. The hair on the back of a Thai Ridgeback creates a ridge. These dogs also have powerful shoulders and strong necks. The tongue of this breed of dogs should be either blue or a mixture of blue and gray. It has relatively large ears, and they are generally pushed forward. Thai Ridgebacks have eyes that should be dark brown and shaped like almonds.

These dogs have extended hind legs and the base of their tails should be thick. When this dog becomes alarmed, wrinkles should appear on the back of their necks. Their nose should also be black in color. As the name suggests, these dogs originate in Thailand. Most people outside of the country are not aware of their existence. Because of this, the Thai Ridgeback could be called a rare breed outside of Thailand. These dogs are good hunters, and they make excellent pets as well.

The Thai Ridgeback has existed in Thailand for at least 500 years. Farmers bred this dog to guard their crops, and it was known for following carts. It has only recently become known to the rest of the world, and it is still a fairly rare breed.

Thai Ridgeback


Thai Ridgebacks are renowned for their jumping skills. They can be very alert but are not good with strangers unless they are trained. Training these dogs can be challenging, and should only be done by trainers who are proficient with this breed. If the Thai Ridgeback is not trained properly, it can be too aggressive. Those who are interested in owning a Thai Ridgeback must exercise dominance over the dog. This doesn’t mean you should be abusive. It just means that you should train the dog to look to you as the leader.

Health Problems

There are no diseases that are specific to this breed. They are extremely healthy and have a life span of about 13 years.


Because the Thai Ridgeback was bred to be a hunting dog, it needs to get large amounts of exercise. It will also need ample amounts of space. Owners will need to have decent sized yards in order to give it enough room.

Special Grooming Needs

This breed of dogs does not need extensive amounts of grooming. Brushing their coat every once in a while is enough to rid it of dead hair.