Original English Bulldogge Pictures and Information

The Original English Bulldogge has a broad head with strong jaws that are slightly undershot. They have necks which are moderate in length, though it is muscular.



They have powerful shoulders, and their legs are well developed as well. The Original English Bulldogge will have a tail that is always docked for medical reasons. The coat is smooth and short, and the base color will always be white, though it may have patches that are either salmon, black, or fawn.

The Original English Bulldogge was brought to Canada during the 1940s by the Wilkinson Family, who originated in Scotland. The breed had existed in this family for many years, and they were likely the people who first bred it. This is a large to medium-sized breed that will weigh up to 70 pounds and will stand at a maximum height of 16 inches.

Original English Bulldogge

Country of Origin

United Kingdom


These dogs are brave and reliable. They have long lifespans, and they are also known for their good health. The dogs perform well when they live inside the home, and will become attached to their families. They also have good temperaments and make excellent family dogs. Because of their bravery, these dogs will defend their owners against intruders. There is little information available on how they behave with other dogs or pets, so owners will want to socialize them while they are still puppies. Original English Bulldogge is a powerful breed that is well developed.

Health Problems

This breed has no known health problems. It is a healthy dog that was bred to be free from genetic ailments. The diseases that it may develop are also common with other dogs. Little is known about the lifespan of this breed, though they may not live longer than 13 years.


These dogs enjoy living indoors with the family and will need to be taken for regular walks on a consistent basis. If they don’t get sufficient amounts of exercise, they can become inactive and out of shape. Owners will want to give them the exercise they need. Because these dogs are naturally muscular, owners will want to make use of this to make sure their health is maintained.

Special Grooming Needs

Because Original English Bulldogges have short coats, they are relatively easy to care for. Owners will want to use a firm brush, and they should only be bathed when it is necessary. Not much is known about their shedding patterns, though they may shed little because of their short coats.