Karst Shepherd Pictures and Information

The Karst Shepherd is a sheepdog that is moderate in size. It features a thick coat which is grey in color, and it has warm eyes which are dark brown.


Karst Shepherd Description

It has a skull with a round shape, and it has a tail that is shaped like a saber. It features teeth that have a scissor bite, and some Karst Shepherds may also have stripes on their legs. This breed originated in Slovenia and is considered to be a national treasure in that country. In addition to this, it is also one of the oldest breeds in the region. While it became well known during the 1930s, this breed has been used as a sheepdog for many centuries. This breed will stand up to 25 inches in height and can weigh up to 88 pounds.

The Karst Shepherd is treasured by those who own it, and it is a great dog for the family. However, it must receive good amounts of training. It is exceptionally intelligent.

Karst Shepherd

Also Known As

  • Kraski Ovcar
  • Istrian Sheepdog

Country of Origin



The Karst Shepherd is a breed that is well known for being reliable. Because it was bred to be a sheepdog, it is very independent and does not like to be treated as an inferior pet. The Karst Shepherd wants to be equal to those that own it. To train this dog, owners will want to be patient. If high demands are placed on this breed, it will distance itself from its owners. In addition to being a sheepdog, the Karst Shepherd makes a fine guard dog as well and will protect its family. The Karst Shepherd is best for owners who will treat it as an equal partner. While the exact history of this breed is uncertain, it appears that is was bred by mixing a German Sheppard with a Greek Molos.

Health Problems

There are no known health problems which are related to this breed. These dogs have a maximum life expectancy of 12 years.


These dogs don’t function well in apartments or small homes. They need lots of space and can live well in a large yard. These dogs have thick coats which can allow them to live outside as long as they have a reasonable amount of shelter. This dog can exercise alone and does not need the supervision of its owner. However, this requires it to have a large yard.

Special Grooming Needs

There is little information available when it comes to grooming this breed. It should be washed whenever it is necessary.