Thai Bangkaew Dog Pictures and Information

The Thai Bangkaew Dog is a medium-sized breed that originates in Thailand.  These dogs have compact bodies with an impressive gait.


Thai Bangkaew Dog Description

They have a double coat which is thick near the neck and chest. Their tails should be slightly curved over their backs. The ideal base color for the coat is white, and acceptable colors for the patches are red, brown, black, and gray. These patches can form a large array of different patterns. The Thai Bangkaew Dog is currently not recognized by any large kennel clubs. Based on the name, many people believe these dogs came from a village called Bangkaew. This dog is one of the most popular breeds in the country, and have quickly gained a good reputation in other parts of the world.

Thai Bangkaew Dog


This is a breed of dogs that are intelligent and alert. They are protective of their owners and are wary of strangers. They have strong shoulders that allow them to quickly dig holes. Despite their intellect, they have a tendency to be strong-willed and can be difficult to train. Gentle, but consistent training is best for these dogs. This breed is good with children and makes good family pets. These dogs should never be shy or aggressive. Both of these characteristics will be penalized if the dog is taken to a show, and it is not a desirable trait that owners should want. This breed can be excellent watchdog.

Health Problems

This is a healthy breed that does not suffer from any known diseases. However, little is known about their lifespan, though it is likely that they will typically live longer than 12 years.


The Thai Bangkaew is a dog which needs to get large amounts of exercise. Because it is a medium-sized breed, it can live indoors without much a problem. In this situation, owners will want to take it for extended walks on a regular basis. Placing these dogs in a small to medium-sized yard should allow them to easily run around and get the exercise they need.

Special Grooming Needs

These dogs have elaborate coats that will need to be cared for consistently. Owners will want to use a brush or comb on a daily basis, and they should only be bathed when it is absolutely necessary. The coat may also be trimmed. The Thai Bangkaew Dog appears to shed a standard amount of fur.