Olde Victorian Bulldogge Pictures and Information

The Olde Victorian Bulldogge is a breed that will typically be medium to large in size. They have coats that are very smooth, and they also have massive heads with dense bones.


Olde Victorian Bulldogge Description

Despite this, their vigor is not reduced by their size or bone structure. The Olde Victorian Bulldogge has a wide muzzle, while their faces are fairly short. However, their faces are not so short that it interferes with their ability to breath. The ideal Olde Victorian Bulldogge will have hind legs that are set a bit higher than its front legs. This is a muscular breed, and they should have well-proportioned bodies. Their coats should be either tan, white, or fawn in color. Black is not an ideal color for the coats of these dogs.

Olde Victorian Bulldogge

Country of Origin

United States


The Olde Victorian Bulldogge is an even-tempered breed that is reliable. It gets along with other pets and is a family dog. This breed is also good with children. At the same time, these dogs are courageous and will protect those they care about. The Old Victorian Bulldogge has a deep bark that it will only use when it is necessary. These dogs are strong, and can sometimes be strong-willed. They can be ferocious when necessary and will fight anything that threatens them. However, they should never be too aggressive.

Health Problems

These dogs may have joints that develop slower than normal. This breed is also susceptible to Entropian, though this is not common. Cherry eye is another condition that Olde English Bulldogges may suffer from, though this is also not common. These dogs have a maximum life expectancy of 14 years.


These dogs have lots of endurance and can walk for many miles before they need to stop and take a rest. Owners will want to make sure they get the exercise they need. They also enjoy running and can live in either yards or apartments. If they are kept inside, exercise is very important.

Special Grooming Needs

The Olde Victorian Bulldogge has a smooth coat that is simple to care for.  You will want to brush or comb it with a strong brush, and they should be bathed only when it is needed. You will also want to wipe their face with a damp towel on a daily basis. You will want to make sure the area between the wrinkles is clean. This breed will shed a standard amount of fur.