Karelian Bear Dog Pictures and Information

The Karelian Bear Dog is a medium-sized breed that has thick fur, and this allows them to live in cold environments. Despite this, they can function well in a wide variety of different weather conditions.


Karelian Bear Dog Description

The Karelian Bear Dog will always have a coat which is a mixture of black and white. The ideal dog will have a coat which is mostly black, and it will have specks of white fur on the neck, legs, and head. Despite the moderate size of this breed, it has powerful jaws. It features a tail that has a fairly extended length, and the dogs will have eyes that showcase an intense look. Karelian Bear dogs have strong backs, and their heads are shaped like wedges.

Karelian Bear Dog

Also Known As

  • Karelsk Björnhund
  • Karjalankarhukoira

Country of Origin



This is a comical breed. Karelian Bear Dogs have lots of energy and are also highly intelligent. It is also courageous and will attempt to tackle any game animal it encounters. It is a family dog that is loyal to its owners. At the same time, this is not a breed that should be purchased by someone who is casual when it comes to training dogs. These dogs can be forceful and must be consistently trained. It will not cooperate well with other dogs if it is not properly trained, and will be prone to picking fights with them. The Karelian Bear Dog will fight to the death to protect its owner.

Health Problems

This is a healthy breed, and there are no known health problems. These dogs have a life expectancy of about 12 years.


Because it has a lot of energy, these dogs need lots of exercises. They are not recommended for someone who lives in a small home or apartment. These dogs don’t like to be placed in enclosed yards and will need lots of space to run around in. Anyone who wants to purchase this dog will need to reserve one hour each day for exercising it. These dogs were bred to hunt game animals, and they enjoy running. Because of this, they will need to live in a wide-open environment.

Special Grooming Needs

Karelian Bear dogs have coats that are easy to care for since they are designed to handle most climates. Once this dog begins shedding, you will want to use a strong comb to make the fur easier to remove. These dogs will only shed the standard amount of fur and do not produce strong odors.