Scottish Terrier Pictures and Information

Scottish Terriers are small dogs that are strong and swift. They were first developed in Scotland during the 17th century, but the contemporary Scottish Terrier was first developed in 1890.


Scottish Terrier Description

This breed was used to hunt animals that lived in dens. This included foxes, rabbits, and badgers. Scottish Terriers are primarily purchased as pets today. It has a coat which is very coarse, and it is able to protect the dog in extreme weather conditions. They will typically be black in color, and they may sometimes have multiple colors. Scottish Terriers have large noses and teeth, and they also have eyes that are shaped like almonds.

These dogs enjoy being in cool environments. Owners are not required to have a yard. These dogs will be somewhat active while they’re inside your home. Scottish terriers will have a height of about 11 inches and should weigh no more than 23 pounds.

Scottish Terrier


Scottish Terriers are alert dogs that are courageous and loyal. They have colorful personalities, and their moods can vary. When it is an adult, it can become slightly aggressive. The Scottish Terrier is an excellent watchdog. Despite this, it has a tendency to be strong-willed and should be purchased by owners who can handle them gently. It is important for owners to make sure they don’t allow these dogs to become dominant. These dogs will attempt to become leaders over their owners. These dogs pay little attention to strangers, as they are only concerned with the affairs of their families.

Health Problems

Scottish Terriers may have problems with frequent cramps, jaw pain, and flea allergies. They have a maximum life span of about 15 years. These dogs can live indoors. It is not necessary for owners to have a large space for them.


If Scottish Terriers are placed in decent sized yards, they will naturally get exercise by running around. In addition to this, owners will want to walk these dogs on a consistent basis. They also like playing fetch, and owners can use balls or other objects.

Special Grooming Needs

Scottish Terriers require excessive amounts of grooming. Their coats need to be brushed each day, and owners should be careful when this breed begins shedding. These dogs will need to be expertly trimmed two times a year. The coat on the body will be left as it is, while the fur around the face will need to be cut lightly. Scottish Terriers don’t shed excessive amounts of hair.