Karakachan Dog Pictures and Information

The Karakachan is an ancient breed of dog which originated from Central Asia. It was used to protect livestock, and it is a popular breed of dog in Bulgaria.


Karakachan Dog Description

It was heavily used by the Bulgarians during World War 2. Because they were used as guard dogs, Karakachans are big and powerful. Their coats will feature spots that have a white or dark base. They are capable of working in a wide variety of different conditions, and these include rough terrain.

Once national livestock was nationalized in 1957, this made the use of Karakachans obsolete when it came to guarding livestock. Because of this, many of them were killed. In fact, the socialist regime carried out a campaign to exterminate a large number of different dog breeds. Karakachans were valued because of their fur, and the breed nearly became extinct. However, a number of people living in the mountainous areas managed to keep some of these dogs alive. Karakachans are extremely rare, and only a small number of purebreds exist. It should also be noted that as of this writing, the Bulgarian government has still shown no interest in protecting the breed.

Karakachans are large, muscular dogs. Because they lived and worked in mountainous environments, they were bred to have heavy coats to withstand cold weather. Despite their size, Karakachans is fast and can move quickly. They also lived in areas where they came into contact with other predators, so they can be extremely aggressive to other dogs they encounter.

Karakachan Dog

Also Known As

Bulgarian Shepherd Dog

Country of Origin



Karakachans are loyal and loving to their masters, but may not behave well in the presence of strangers. Because of their size, they are not the ideal family dog and were not bred to play well with children. Owners will want to have a large yard for them to move about and play in.

Health Problems

Not much is known about specific health problems that are related to this rare breed.


Karakachans need plenty of exercises. They are big and strong and were bred to consistently use their muscles. You should only purchase this dog if you have enough time to give it the exercise it needs. You will want to make sure you have a large yard.

Special Grooming Needs

Karakachans have large coarse coats that need to be groomed on a daily basis. You will want to use a brush with strong bristles, and they should only be cleaned when it is necessary. Not much is known about how much fur they shed. Based on their extensive coat, owners should be prepared to spend large amounts of time grooming them.