Telomian Dog Pictures and Information

The Telomian is a dog breed that originated in Malaysia. It is medium in size and will have a smooth brown coat with a strip of white on its stomach which extends up to its chest.


Telomian Description

The Telomian has a long tail that should curve upwards when it is standing. They have triangular-shaped ears that will point outward when they are being viewed from the front. This is a very old breed that has existed in Malaysia for many years and has been used by the Aborigines in the region. Despite this, they are not well known outside the country. They are good at hunting for fish, and would also kill snakes which threatened their owners. The Telomian will stand at a maximum height of 20 inches and will weigh up to 30 pounds.

Even though the Telomian is rare, it is still recognized by some kennel clubs. An example of this would be the Continental Kennel Club.

Telomian Dog


The Telomian is very similar to the Basenji, a dog breed that originates in Africa. They are affectionate dogs that have lots of energy and love to run and play. These dogs are highly intelligent and enjoy being in the company of their masters. They may have a coat that is sable in color, and white patches are common as well. The Telomian will behave well with children as long as they are gentle with it. It will need to be properly trained while it is a puppy. These dogs are not particularly aggressive.

Health Problems

Little is known about the health of this breed. Based on their history, Telomians appear to be very healthy and suffers from few, if any adverse health problems. They may have a life expectancy that is longer than 12 years.


The Telomian is an athletic dog that needs excessive amounts of exercise. Its small size allows it to live indoors, but owners will want to make sure it is taken for walks on a regular basis. If the dog is placed in a small to the medium-sized yard, it should be able to exercise itself by running around.

Special Grooming Needs

The Telomian has a smooth, shiny coat that does not require extensive amounts of care. Owners will want to brush or comb the coat only when it is needed. These dogs do not need to be bathed excessively, and little is known about the amount of fur they shed.