Kangal Dog Pictures and Information

The Kangal Dog is a large breed. They can often weigh as much as 140 pounds. They have a heavy bone structure and are very muscular.


Kangal Dog Description

Their heads are very large in size and they have long ears. Their coat is short and dense and can be colored fawn, dun, or gray. Their face and ears are black in color. Considered a treasure in Turkey the breed is primarily used as a livestock guard. They were imported to Europe and the United States as the foundation for the Anatolian Shepherd Dog. The Kangal Dog has been growing slowly in popularity for the last thirty years. The United States and Australia have kennel clubs for the breed but there is much debate throughout the rest of the world concerning the origin and temperament of the breed.

Kangal Dog

Also Known As

  • Kangal Köpeği
  • Sivas Kangal Köpeği

Country of Origin



The Kangal Dog is, first and foremost, a wonderful guardian. Kangal Dog supporters have gone to great lengths to prove that, though aggressive towards predators, the breed is not aggressive in nature. Despite their tireless efforts, the Kangal Dog is still considered an “attack dog” by many. The Kangal Dog is widely misunderstood throughout the world, particularly in Germany. Misinformation has caused fear in many people and has lead to the Kangal Dog’s banning in Germany. Kangal Dog breeders and enthusiasts compare the protective, yet gentle, nature of the Kangal Dog to that of the German Shepherd. They are a very calm and controlled breed. They do not seek the attention of strangers or other dogs but are never shy or vicious. They have an acute sense of change. The Kangal Dog is quite good with children. The Kangal Dog can be stubborn which makes it difficult to train.

Health Problems

There are very little health problems that are known to be associated with the Kangal Dog. Hip Dysplasia can sometimes occur due to the heaviness of the breed.


Kangal Dogs require a great deal of exercise. Due to their independence and intelligence, the Kangal Dog often can determine their own exercise needs. A fenced-in backyard is the ideal setting for the Kangal Dog. Allowing them maximum space to run and play is necessary in maintaining a healthy lifestyle for your Kangal Dog.

Special Grooming Needs

The Kangal Dog requires little grooming. The breed sheds twice a year and during those months it is necessary to brush them thoroughly. During non-shedding months little care is needed. The Kangal Dog’s coat repels dirt very well.