Vucciriscu Dog Pictures and Information

The Vucciriscu is a medium sized dog which has a muscular body. It has a large head with a short muzzle, and it also has strong jaws and teeth.


Vucciriscu Dog Description

These dogs can weigh up to 99 pounds. The base color of the coat will be brindle, while it may also have patches of white as well. This breed originates in Sicily and has existed for hundreds of years. It was used by many butchers to protect their goods. It was also used to guard herds. This is a rare breed that is not well known outside of Italy or Sicily. They have short coats that are smooth.

Sicilian Vucciriscu


The Vucciriscu is a brave dog that will protect its owners and their property. It is the ideal guard dog, and it will viciously attack any intruders that it considers to be a threat. These dogs are fast and agile and can move quickly. While they are affectionate to those they care about, they will be hostile to anyone they are not familiar with. These dogs are not designed for someone who is not experienced with them. They need strong leaders that can guide them. The Vucciriscu may also be aggressive towards other animals and dogs. Owners will want to make sure these dogs are properly socialized when they are puppies. There is little information available on how they will behave with other pets.

Health Problems

There are no known health problems that affect this breed. What is certain is that they suffer from the same common ailments which may occur in all dogs. The life expectancy of the Vucciriscu is not well known.


This is a powerful breed that has lots of endurance and stamina. Because of this, owners will want to give them sufficient amounts of exercise. Their size makes them better suited to living outside, and they should be placed in a medium to the large-sized yard. In this environment, the Vucciriscu should be able to naturally get the proper amount of exercise. Owners may also want to take it on extended walks.

Special Grooming Needs

Little is known about the grooming needs of the Vucciriscu. However, because it has a short coat that is smooth, it does not need the type of care that is found with other breeds. Owners will want to use a firm brush when it is needed, and these dogs should only be bathed when it is necessary.