Taigan Dog Pictures and Information

The Taigan is a breed of dog that was bred to hunt on the difficult terrain between China and Russia. This dog can work at elevations which are higher than 6000 feet.


Taigan Description

These dogs have worked in this area of the world for many centuries, but have recently been threatened with extinction because of development in the region. The Taigan has a thick, rough coat that allows it to work in cold environments.  It is a beautiful dog that can display a dignified look. It has a body that is long and slender, and the coat color should be a light tan. These dogs have almond-shaped eyes and will stand at a maximum height of 28 inches.

The Taigan is extremely rare and is on the verge of extinction. It is estimated that only a few hundred of these dogs are left. This is an old breed that has existed for centuries, and little information is available on its genetic data.

Taigan Dog


The Taigan is a rare breed that excels at hunting. Because of this, it is brave, fast and agile. It is quickly able to move on rough terrain and will work hard to earn the respect of its master. These dogs are affectionate, patient, and calm. Little is known about their behavior with other dogs. Owners will want to make sure they are properly socialized while they are still young. How they behave around children isn’t known, but this breed was designed for hunting, and may not be the ideal family dog.

Health Problems

There are no known health problems that are specific to this breed. The ailments that it suffers from may be found in other dogs. Because of the status of this breed, little is known about its health or lifespan.


The Taigan is an athletic dog that likes to run. It was bred to work in tough environments, and owners will want to give it good amounts of exercise. It should not be confined to a small apartment or home. These dogs should be given large amounts of space to play in and will function well in a large yard. Because of their thick coats, they should be given excessive amounts of shade during the summer months.

Special Grooming Needs

Because these dogs were bred to work in harsh conditions, little attention was paid to grooming. They have dense coats that owners may need to brush or comb on a consistent basis. Little information is available about their shedding characteristics.