Volpino Italiano Pictures and Information

The Volpino Italiano is an Italian breed that is a member of the Spitz group of dogs. This dog was one of the favorite pets of the Italian aristocracy, and it was particularly favored by women.


Volpino Italiano Dog Description

At first glance, these dogs have an appearance that is very similar to the Pomeranian. However, this breed is distinct and much older than the Pomeranian. This is a rare breed that is not even common in their country of origin. While it is a small dog, it has historically been used as a guard dog. While it would not attack intruders, it would alert Mastiffs that were nearby. It is likely that this breed has existed for thousands of years. While it is a member of the spitz family, its exact origin is not known.

Volpino Italiano

Also Known As

  • Cane De Quirinale
  • Florentine Spitz
  • Italian Volpino

Country of Origin



This is an intelligent breed that is loving and affectionate to those that care for them. Their intelligence makes them easy to train, and they have been used for a large number of tasks over the centuries. The decline of the number of Volpino Italianos began in the 1960s. By the 1980s, proposals were made for breeding more of these dogs, but their numbers are extremely small. As of this writing, only about 500 Volpino Italianos still exist. A number of breeding programs have been started in both Italy and abroad.

Health Problems

Not much is known about the health of these dogs. All the available data suggests that the Volpino Italiano is a healthy breed that is free of genetic disorders. However, this may not be conclusive. These dogs may have a maximum life expectancy of 16 years.


These small dogs do not need extensive amounts of exercise. Owners will simply want to take them on regular walks, and they may be able to exercise themselves if they are allowed to run free in a secure area. Because of their size, the Volpino Italiano is the perfect dog for those that live in small homes or apartments. They do not need large amounts of space to play in, and they can function well indoors.

Special Grooming Needs

The Volpino Italiano has an elaborate coat that will need extensive amounts of grooming. Any tangles or mats that develop should be removed by hand, and these dogs may need to be taken to a professional if they are to appear in shows. They should rarely need to be given baths, and their shedding patterns are not well documented.