Swedish Lapphund Pictures and Information

The Swedish Lapphund is a small dog breed that has a rough coat. It should weigh no more than 36 pounds, and it should stand at a maximum height of 20 inches.


Swedish Lapphund Description

The acceptable coat colors for the Swedish Lapphund are brown or black. While the outer coat should be rough, the undercoat should be thick. The Swedish Lapphund is a member of the Sighthound family. The body should have a compact shape, and these dogs should be short. This is a breed that is known for its agility. The undercoat should have the same color as the outer coat. This breed originates in the country of Sweden.

Swedish Lapphund

Also Known As

  • Lapland Spitz
  • Lapplandska Spets


The Swedish Lapphund has large amounts of energy. It is great with children and pets if it is properly socialized while it is a puppy, and it will display a strong amount of loyalty to those that care for it. It is important for owners to make sure they spend time with these dogs. They love to play and are quick to obey any commands that are given to them. Unlike many dogs, the Swedish Lapphund is able to adapt to a wide variety of environments. These dogs have high levels of intelligence, and it only needs medium levels of training. The Swedish Lapphund is the ideal family dog. It will display charm, and it is also tenacious and outgoing.

Health Problems

The Swedish Lapphund is a healthy breed that does not suffer from a large number of health problems. However, owners will want to watch for eye disorders and hip dysplasia. This breed will have a maximum life expectancy of about 15 years.


These dogs need large amounts of exercise. In addition to this, they also need mental stimulation. They are not good for those they don’t have the time to give them the exercise they need. Although an independent dog, they do love to run and play. They are highly versatile and can live in either an apartment or farm. Owners will want to take these dogs on long walks each day, and it will enjoy playing fetch or other games.

Special Grooming Needs

The Swedish Lapphund has an elaborate coat that owners will want to groom regularly. If the coat is not combed or brushed on a daily basis, it may develop tangles or mats. The shedding patterns of these dogs are not known, and they should only be bathed when it is needed.