Vizsla Dog Pictures and Information

The Vizsla is a dog breed that originates from Hungary. It is a slender dog that has a muscular form, and it was used for hunting. It has a short, shiny coat which will be gold in color.



The front legs should be straight. The Vizsla has a head that showcases a noble look, and it also has a long muzzle. It has a strong neck, and the tail will be docked. The eye color of the ideal Vizsla should match that of the coat, and the nose should be brown. It also has powerful jaws and an impressive gait. It appears that this breed is a descendant of both the Turkish Yellow Dog and the Transylvanian hound. This breed nearly became extinct after the end of the second world war, but a few of these dogs were rescued.

Vizsla Dog


The Vizsla is an intelligent breed that is easy to train. They are good with children and have lots of energy. They are good dogs for the family and will behave well with other dogs. The Vizsla must be trained to obey the commands you give to it. If you fail to properly train them, they can become difficult to deal with. This breed can be described as being hyper and is not good for people who want a docile dog.

Health Problems

This breed is known to develop hip dysplasia. The Vizsla has a life expectancy of 15 years. This breed suffers from a few genetic ailments and is a healthy breed.


These dogs need large amounts of exercise and are not good for owners who live in apartments. They have excessive amounts of energy, and should only be unleashed in a safe area. Owners will not want to allow the Vizsla to become bored, as it can become problematic.

Special Grooming Needs

The smooth, shiny coat of the Vizsla is easy to care for. Owners will want to use a strong brush, and the nails should be trimmed on a regular basis. These dogs should only be bathed when it is needed.  The Vizsla sheds a standard amount of fur.