Victorian Bulldog Pictures and Information

The Victorian Bulldog has a massive head, and it also has thick bones. It has a muzzle which is wide, and it has hind legs which are slightly higher than the front part of its body.



While the head can be large, it should be in proportion to the frame of the dog. Victorian Bulldogs also have pronounced nostrils, and they have large teeth that should be spread apart. The ears for this breed should never be cropped, and they should have powerful necks with skin that is loose on both sides. Victorian Bulldogs should also have wide shoulders. Both the forelegs and hindlegs should be powerful.

Victorian Bulldogs are a recent breed which is even newer than the Olde English Bulldogges. Victorian Bulldogs were first successfully bred in the 1980s by Ken Mollet. He wanted to create a new breed of Bulldogs which were much more healthy than contemporary breeds. He ultimately wanted to produce a bulldog that would have the appearance of the older Victorian breeds. These dogs have become quite popular. They are a member of the Mastiff group. Victorian Bulldogs are arguably one of the best breeds in this group. The lack of many of the health problems that are commonly found with other breeds.

Victorian Bulldog


Victorian Bulldogs have a high level of loyalty. They are dependable, and they have an appearance which can frighten some people. However, these dogs are quite calm but will attack unwanted intruders. It is good with children and is known for being brave. Victorian Bulldogs make excellent guards. They enjoy being around people and will seek the attention of their owners. While they may be friendly to people, Victorian Bulldogs can be aggressive with unfamiliar dogs.

Health Problems

Victorian Bulldogs are one of the few types of bulldogs that have not inherited any diseases.


Unlike other types of bulldogs, Victorian Bulldogs can walk long distances without becoming tired. They need to get decent amounts of exercise. This is different from most bulldog breeds, who can become ill if they get too much exercise.

Special Grooming Needs

These dogs have coats that are short and sleek. This makes it easy to maintain. Owners will want to brush them with a brush that has strong bristles, and they should only be bathed when it is needed. You will also want to use a wet towel to wipe the wrinkles of the dog to make sure they are clean. They will shed standard amounts of fur.