Sussex Spaniel Pictures and Information

The Sussex spaniel is a powerful dog that features a head that is wide and heavy. The chest is well defined, and the nose should have a liver color.


Sussex Spaniel Description

The teeth should be in the form of a scissors bite, and the coat will have a texture that is a bit wavy. The color of the coat should be liver, and the ears should be long and heavy. The Sussex spaniel should have eyes that are hazel in color, and the tail should be docked to a maximum of 7 inches. When these dogs are in the sun, they can blend in with trees and foliage. This is a rare breed that was developed in Sussex, England during the early 19th century.

Sussex Spaniel


When these dogs are at home, they are calm and peaceful. However, when it is working, it will perform with high levels of discipline. It will bark excessively when it is hunting, and it will walk about with a gait that swings. The Sussex spaniel is proficient in hunting small animals, and it is at home in the woods. These dogs enjoy being around people, and they are loyal and loving. This is a breed which is sociable, and it enjoys being around children. It will also behave with cats and other pets.

Health Problems

Some disorders which are specific to this breed include heart murmur and ear problems. These dogs can quickly gain weight, and owners will want to make sure they are not fed too much food. The Sussex spaniel has a maximum life expectancy of 15 years.


The Sussex Spaniel is a hunting dog that needs to get large amounts of exercise. If it is not given enough exercise, it can quickly gain weight. These dogs enjoy running through the woods, and they are great swimmers as well. They can live in an apartment, but it is up to the owner to make sure they are given good amounts of exercise. These dogs perform best when they live in a large yard.

Special Grooming Needs

Sussex has a coat that is moderate in length, and owners will want to brush or comb it on a regular basis. The ears should also be consistently cleaned, and large amounts of hair that are present on the feet should be trimmed. Owners may have to pluck the coats every so often. These dogs will shed a standard amount of fur, and owners will want to monitor the teeth of Sussex spaniel puppies.