Stabyhoun Dog Pictures and Information

The Stabyhoun is a dog breed that was first bred in the Netherlands. These dogs are so rare that there are only about 3000 still in existence. These dogs have long coats with a compact build.


Stabyhoun Description

The length of their bodies should be greater than their height. The acceptable coat colors for the Stabyhoun are roan, white, or spotted. These dogs should not weigh more than 55 pounds, and both the foreface and skull should be equal in length. While the coat is long on other portions of the body, it will be short on the head and face. The stop should be barely noticeable, and the teeth of the Stabyhoun should form a scissors bite.


Also Known As

  • Beike
  • Frisian Pointing Dog
  • Stabij

Country of Origin

The Netherlands


One look at the face of the Stabyhoun will convey the message that it is a friendly breed. This is quite accurate. These dogs will work hard to please their masters, and they get along well with both children and other animals. Because of this, they are the ideal dog for the family. These dogs are simple to train, and they have consistently performed well in obedience trials. Under no circumstances should this dog be aggressive. Despite being rare, these dogs have a large number of desirable characteristics.

Health Problems

The Stabyhoun is a healthy breed that has been bred not to develop serious health problems. While it did have problems in the past, these have all but been corrected. The maximum life expectancy for this breed is 14 years.


These dogs are not recommended for people who live sedentary lifestyles and rarely get exercise. This dog was bred to work, and this is what it likes to do. It is a natural retriever, and it will get large amounts of joy and exercise by playing fetch with its master. While these dogs may be able to live in apartments, owners may at least want to reserve a small to the medium-sized yard for them. These dogs are known for having large amounts of energy. They have historically been used as a gundog. These dogs are now used in a number of activities which range from hunting to obedience trials. In addition to this, these dogs are skilled at killing pests.

Special Grooming Needs

These dogs do not require extensive amounts of grooming. Owners will want to make sure tangles are removed, and they will shed two times a year. These dogs should rare have to be bathed, as dirt and debris will naturally be removed from the coat.