Italian Greyhound Pictures and Information

The Italian Greyhound is a beautiful dog that has an impressive build. Their muzzles are pointed, and their teeth should form a scissors bite.


Italian Greyhound Description

They are smaller than the Greyhound, but they have a build that is similar. The back should be arched, and the eyes are sizeable and dark in color. The Italian Greyhound has an impressive coat which is smooth and shiny. The acceptable coat colors for this breed are black, blue, gray, cream, red, fawn, or slate. White patches may be present in certain areas of the body as well. The Italian Greyhound is an old breed, and archaeological evidence indicates that it has existed for nearly 6,000 years. This dog became popular in Europe, and the Romans made a number of changes to it.

Italian Greyhound

Also Known As

  • Miniature Greyhound
  • Piccolo Levriero Italiano

Country of Origin

Greece, Italy, and Turkey


The Italian Greyhound is loving and calm. They will create a strong bond with those that care for them, but they will be cautious of strangers. They can be playful, and they are simple to train as long as their owners practice consistently. Because of their disposition, these dogs can be timid. They can function well with mature children, and they are great dogs for the family. These dogs may snap at someone who scares them, and it can be hard to housebreak them. This breed is energetic and will run fast like their cousins. The Italian Greyhound may not behave well with dogs that are larger than them.

Health Problems

These dogs do not suffer from a large number of health problems. They are extremely delicate while they are puppies, and it is easy for them to break their bones. This breed is known to suffer from epilepsy and PRA. The Greyhound has a maximum life expectancy of 15 years.


Italian Greyhounds are active dogs, and owners will want to give them as much exercise as they need. They should be taken for long walks, and they must also be allowed to run free in a safe area. It is best not to allow these dogs to play roughly with other dogs. These dogs are ideal for people who live in apartments, and they don’t need to live in a yard. They will need to be covered when they are taken outside during the winter, especially if the weather is extremely cold.

Special Grooming Needs

It is easy to groom these dogs. Owners will want to rub the coat with a chamois, and this will keep it shiny. These dogs should only be given a bath when they need it.