Miniature Poodle Pictures and Information

The Miniature Poodle is a smaller version of the Poodle and may come in three different variations. It may have a small amount of hair on the body, or only a portion of the hair on its body may be shaved.


Miniature Poodle Description

The coat texture of these dogs will generally be curly. Any color is allowed for the coat as long as it is solid. Some colors which are popular for the Miniature Poodle are cream, silver, gray, black, and blue. The tail of this breed should be held high, and it may be slightly docked. The dewclaws of the Miniature Poodle will generally be taken off. The feet of this breed should be small and shaped like an oval. The ears should be long and held near the sides of the head.

Miniature Poodle

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The Miniature Poodle is a joyful dog that has high levels of intelligence. These dogs are easy to train, and make excellent pets. They are skilled when it comes to performing tricks, and they have frequently been featured in the circus. These dogs are highly sociable, and will want to be around their owners as much as possible. While some of these dogs are good with children, others can be nervous around them. It is important to make sure this breed is properly socialized while they are young. While the Miniature Poodle may bark excessively, it should not be aggressive.

Health Problems

Though the Miniature Poodle has a long lifespan, it is susceptible to developing a number of disorders. Some of these include cataracts, allergies, blindness, skin problems, PRA, diabetes, heart problems, and epilepsy. The Miniature Poodle has a maximum life expectancy of 15 years.


Miniature Poodles love to swim, and they also enjoy being taken for walks. However, these dogs do not require large amounts of exercise. Owners will want to exercise them when they need it. In most cases, these dogs will be happier when they are physically active. They should be unleashed to run free in a safe area. Because of their size, Miniature Poodles are great for people who live in apartments. It is not necessary for them to have a yard.

Special Grooming Needs

This is a show dog that needs large amounts of grooming. They will need to be bathed on a regular basis, and their coat should be trimmed every two months. Owners will want to check the ears to make sure mites are not present, and the teeth of these dogs will need care as well.