Irish Terrier Pictures and Information

Irish Terriers are a medium-sized breed of dog. They stand, on average, 18 inches in height. They weigh between 25 to 27 pounds.


Irish Terrier Description

This breed is very similar in appearance to the Wirehaired Fox Terrier, though they are taller and longer. Their noses are always black and large. Their heads are rectangular. Their ears fold forward. Their tails are usually docked. Their coats are wiry with soft undercoats. The breed is almost always solid in color. These coats colors include red, golden, or wheat. The Irish terrier is one of the oldest breeds of Terriers, dating back to the 1700s. They originated in Country Cork, Ireland. They were bred for the hunting of den animals. They were also once used as messengers. Today the breed remains hugely popular in England and is used mostly for companionship though some are still used for hunting.

Irish Terrier

Also Known As

Irish Red Terrier

Country of Origin



Irish Terriers are a very courageous breed. They can also be a reckless breed. They are loyal and affectionate but can be hot-tempered. Irish Terriers play extremely hard which makes them great fun for active children. They are curious and bold. They love humans but do not get along well with other dogs. They should never be trusted with cats or other small pets. This breed is very fond of digging and will do so frequently if not trained otherwise.

Health Problems

Irish Setters are a very healthy breed. There are no known disorders that directly affect this breed.  If the dog does not feel well they will let you know.  As a rule, a listless or unenergetic dog will be one that is ill in one way or another.  Take the dog outside to a grassy area.  If the animal starts to eat grass then their stomach is upset and grass will cause them to vomit to feel better.


Irish Terriers need a good deal of regular exercise. They may do well in apartments if they are properly exercised but they do best in households with small yards. They enjoy walks and are easy to leash train. They must always be kept on a leash when in public because they are known cat killers and will chase after anything that catches their eye.

Special Grooming Needs

Irish Setters rarely shed. Their coats are easy to groom. Occasional brushing will suffice. Irish Setters do not take well to bathing and thus baths should only be given when necessary.