Spanish Water Dog Pictures and Information

The Spanish Water Dog is a breed which is medium in size. They have powerful heads that they hold up proudly, and the skull should be flat.


Spanish Water Dog Description

These dogs will have prominent nostrils,  and the nose should have a color that is close to the coat. The teeth are well defined, and the eyes should either be chestnut or hazel in color. While the neck will be short, it will also be muscular. The chest of the Spanish Water Dog should be wide, and the stomach should be slightly tucked. The tails of these dogs should also be docked.  The feet of the Spanish Water Dog should be circular.

Spanish Water Dog


The Spanish Water Dog is a highly intelligent breed. It was bred to work, and it is a natural herder. It is also protective and will be loyal to those that give it care. While these dogs are cheerful, they will showcase large amounts of endurance and courage. The intelligence of these dogs makes them easy to train, and it will be suspicious of strangers. Because these dogs are highly protective by nature, owners will want to make sure they are properly trained and socialized while they are puppies.

Health Problems

While the Spanish Water Dog is generally very healthy, it may be prone to developing hip dysplasia, PRA, and ear infections. This breed has a maximum life expectancy of 14 years.


These dogs have extensive amounts of stamina, and should not be purchased by owners who don’t have the time to give them the exercise they need. The Spanish Water Dog is happiest when it is allowed to run and play. They should not be given too much exercise while they are puppies, as they need to use their energy to grow their young bodies. This is a breed that can live in virtually any environment where it can be physically active.

Special Grooming Needs

The grooming that should be given to this dog is dependent on the tasks that it is required to perform. If it will be taken to dog shows, it will need extensive amounts of care. It will need to be combed and brushed on a consistent basis, and it may also need to be groomed by professionals. If the owner wants to use the Spanish Water Dog for hunting, they will not need to place an emphasis on its look. In fact, the coat may need to be trimmed, as it could interfere with the dog's ability to hunt.