Rampur Greyhound Pictures and Information

The Rampur Greyhound is also known as the Rampuri, Rampuree, Ramper Hound, and the North Indian Greyhound. They are a member of the sight hound family.


Rampur Greyhound Description

They are large in size. They have smooth hair colored either black or gray.  They have large, high set ears. Their eyes are yellow. They have a flat skull and a pointed nose. Their head is much larger than that of the English Greyhound. They originate from northwest India. They are rarely seen outside of their native land. They are used for tracking and killing game, usually jackal. Their exact origin is unknown but it is said that they predate the English Greyhound.

Rampur Greyhound

Also Known As

  • North Indian Greyhound
  • Rampuree
  • Ramper Hound
  • Rampuri

Country of Origin



The Rampur Greyhound is a clam but playful breed. They are loyal and highly intelligent. A Rampur Greyhound will not ignore its own instincts to follow yours. They are brave and seemingly fearless. Despite their hunting nature, they do make good pets. They do well with children, but usually not other pets. They can be a challenge when it comes to obedience training due to their willful and stubborn nature. They are not known to be highly aggressive but know that they do have a very powerful bite that can cause serious injury.

Health Problems

Rampur Greyhounds, like almost all sighthounds breeds, are prone to hip dysplasia. An ear infection is not uncommon.  They also tend to bloat easily. It is best to feed a Rampur Hound small portions a few times a day rather than one large meal. Their stomachs can be sensitive and often times they suffer from food allergies.


A Rampur Greyhound requires a great deal of exercise. They must have enough room to run and play for hours. A backyard with a secured fence is the best place for a Rampur Greyhound to get its exercise. If a Rampur Greyhound is let loose, he or she will be very hard to track down. They follow their own rules when it comes to exercising, so if they feel like running and you want to walk, they will almost always win. Playing rough games with a Rampur Greyhound is not usually considered the best method of exercise. They have a very powerful jaw that could cause serious injury if they begin to play too rough.

Special Grooming Needs

The Rampur Greyhound has a very short coat and it does not require brushing or combing. A Rampur Greyhound should be given a bath when needed. They tend to have sensitive skin so it is important to use only mild soap and warm water. A Rampur Greyhound must have his/her ears cleaned frequently to avoid infection.