Miniature Australian Shepherd Pictures and Information

The Miniature Australian Shepherd has a coat that is moderate in length, and it should have a wavy texture. The acceptable coat colors for these dogs are blue, red, merle, white, or tan.


Miniature Australian Shepherd Description

The fur near the ears should never feature a white color. The neck should be surrounded by a patch of fur that gives it the appearance of a mane. The top of the head should be flat, and the feet of the Miniature Australian Shepherd should have an oval shape. The lips of these dogs should never cover their lower jaws.

Miniature Australian Shepherd

Also Known As

North American Shepherd

Country of Origin

United States


The Miniature Australian Shepherd is a cheerful breed that is playful. They will display large amounts of courage and love, and they enjoy being around children. These dogs will be friends of their families instead of just being pets. While this breed is playful, they can also be protective. They have extensive amounts of agility, and they will work too hard to gain the praise of their masters. These dogs are noted for their intelligence, and owners will find that they are easy to train. These dogs must be in the company of their families, and should not be left alone for extended periods of time.

Health Problems

The Miniature Australian Shepherd is susceptible to becoming either deaf or blind. In addition to this, these dogs are also known for having problems with their hips. Owners will want to screen the dog before a purchase is made. Only certified dogs should be purchased, and the breeder should have a good reputation. This breed will have a maximum life expectancy of 13 years.


These dogs have a large amount of energy, and owners will want to make sure they get the necessary exercise. If the Miniature Australian Shepherd is not given the proper amount of exercise, they can become problematic. While they can live in apartments, it is important for owners to make sure they are exercised on a regular basis. These dogs can live outside and will do well in cold environments. If owners choose to put them outside, only a small yard will be necessary.

Special Grooming Needs

The Miniature Australian Shepherd has a coat that is simple to groom. Owners do not have to give it large amounts of attention, and will simply want to brush it when it is needed. These dogs should only be given baths when it is necessary, and the Miniature Australian Shepherd will shed a standard amount of fur.