Spanish Mastiff Pictures and Information

The Spanish Mastiff is a large dog breed that originates from Spain. It is a powerful guardian that has been called the “bane of wolves.”


Spanish Mastiff Description

These dogs will display a noble appearance that is very impressive. The weight of these dogs is proportional to their height. The coat texture of this breed should be bushy, and the acceptable colors are black, tawny, and painted. These dogs should have moderate-sized ears that hang to the sides of their heads. The tail should be held low, and it must have a bushy appearance. The muzzle is extremely powerful, and the nose should be large and dark in color.

Spanish Mastiff

Also Known As

Mastín Español

Country of Origin



While these dogs are gentle around those that care for them, they will reveal their vicious side to strangers or intruders. This dog should never be brought near people it is not familiar with. It is both a good guard dog and watchdog, and while it may not bark a lot, when it does, it will convey a commanding sound. These dogs have a serious disposition, which is common with breeds that are used to guard flocks. They won’t display many of the comical antics that are seen with other dog breeds. It has excessive amounts of patience, and it has been known to fight off both bears and wolves. Because these dogs would constantly work in environments where they were exposed to danger, they are exceptionally alert. They will not trust anyone they are not familiar with.

Health Problems

One of the biggest health problems that these dogs face is hip dysplasia. This is a result of their large size. In addition to this, gastric torsion is another problem that may be seen with this breed. The Spanish Mastiff dogs will have a maximum life expectancy of 10 years.


The Spanish Mastiff is a breed that needs large amount of exercise. Owners will want to take it for long walks, and it should be allowed to move around in an open area that is secure. These dogs are not good for people who live in cities, apartments, or small homes. They should only be purchased by homeowners who have plenty of space to give them. This breed has large amounts of strength and endurance.

Special Grooming Needs

The Spanish Mastiff does not need large amounts of grooming once it becomes mature. Owners will simply want to make sure the coat is brushed or combed on a consistent basis.