Raibs Suns Dog Pictures and Information

The Raibs Suns is a small breed that has a skull that is slightly round, and they should also have a scissors bite which is moderate in length.


Raibs Suns Description

The ears should be small to medium in size and can stand up. The eyes of the Raibs Suns should be dark. The nose should also be dark in color, and these dogs should have circular bodies with deep chests. The neck is moderate in length, and the forelegs should always be straight.  The Raibs Suns has small feet, and the nails may be black or pink in color. While the dewclaws on the front may be removed, those on the backs must be removed if the owners wish to show the dog in a competition. There are a number of colors and patterns which are acceptable for the coat.

The most ideal colors or patterns are white with spots, and the coat may also be grizzled as well. The Raibs Suns originate from Eastern Europe, and it appears to be a mix of a number of breeds from this region. They are popular in Estonia and Latvia. The exact breeds which compose the Raibs Suns are currently not known. These dogs are currently not recognized by any of the kennel clubs in the United States. They fall under the Toy group of dogs, and they will weight up to 7 pounds.

Raibs Suns

Country of Origin



The Raibs Suns is a smart dog that is brave and alert. Because of its small size, it can be kept in apartments or other small places. These dogs have a life expectancy of about 15 years. These dogs not only work well with other dogs, but enjoy being in the company of another canine. Because of their size, these dogs may not function well with small children, who may hurt them by accident.

Health Problems

This breed is known for developing luxating patella, and owners will want to make sure their teeth are cared for, as they can easily develop dental problems.


The Raibs Suns is a small dog that doesn’t need large amounts of exercise. Due to its size, it can get all the exercise it needs by simply running around the house.

Special Grooming Needs

These dogs will need to have their coats brushed every so often, but it is not needed every day. Their coats don’t need to be cut or trimmed at all, and they are below average when it comes to shedding fur.