Irish Staffordshire Bull Terrier Pictures and Information

Irish Staffordshire Bull Terriers are medium to large breed of dog. They are commonly referred to as Irish Staffs. They are an extremely muscular breed.


Irish Staffordshire Bull Terrier Description

They are very strong and powerful. Their eyes are small for their heads, round, and brown. Their noses are black. Their ears are half pricked. They have short, wide necks. They have a wide stance. Their coats are short and sleek. Coat colors include black, blue, fawn, red, white, or brindle. Many are seen as having white markings. This breed originated in the nineteenth century by mixing bulldogs and terriers. The breed was specifically bred for the sport of bull-baiting. The breed started to lose popularity when interest in the sport waned. A taller and stronger breed of this dog was than created and used for dogfighting. Dogfighting became illegal not long after and the breed became very rare. Interest has begun to surface once again for this breed. The breed is now used for companionship.

Irish Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Country of Origin



The Irish Staffordshire Bull Terrier is not an ideal pet for every family. Irish Staffs are very rough. They are affectionate and love people. They are an obedient breed and usually adapt well to strangers. They are, however, a very strong breed that can be frightening to those who are not familiar with dogs of this type. They love children but play too rough for young children. They are chewers and can destroy almost anything in a matter of minutes. If provided with plenty of chew toys and with some training, this can be avoided. Dogs of this breed are very impressive jumpers. They can jump nearly any obstacle put in their way, this may prove to be a problem if left alone outside.

Health Problems

There are no health problems directly associated with Irish Staffordshire Bull Terriers.


Irish Staffies require a great deal of exercise. They are active indoors and outdoors and seem to never tire of play. They will do well in small yards or even apartments because they will play anywhere! They should be kept on a leash in public places though because they may chase after anything that catches their eye.

Special Grooming Needs

Irish Staffies are very easy to groom. Brushing and bathing when occasionally will help maintain their coats shiny appearance.  Allow the animal to clean itself as well, as the constant licking of their coat helps it stay clean.