McNab Dog Pictures and Information

The Mcnab is a shepherd dog that originated in Scotland and was brought to Northern California. Since it was imported to the US, it has become quite popular.


McNab Dog Description

During the early 19th century, the US was a country that was still mostly rural, and farmers needed a good shepherd dog that could assist them. The first person to breed a Mcnab was a Scottish immigrant by the name of Alexander Mcnab. The Mcnab is a medium-sized dog that has a coat that is mostly black in color with a small patch of white. The ideal Mcnab will have a patch of white on its chest and the front part of its body. Some dogs may also patches of white on their heads as well. This breed is now recognized by the National Stockdog Registry.

McNab Dog

Also Known As

  • McNab Border Collie
  • McNab Herding Dog
  • McNab Sheepdog

Country of Origin

United States


The Mcnab was bred to be a working dog and has large amounts of endurance and power. They are alert and are able to move quickly. They can be trained easily, and the Mcnab will display a strong sense of loyalty to its owner. The Mcnab is not the ideal family dog and is well suited to a man or woman who is living alone. This breed does not take kindly to strangers or other dogs, and it will not work well with other pets you may have. These dogs are excellent for hunters and will protect their masters.

These dogs are not necessarily good with children. They are devoted to those that own and protect them. This is a breed of dog that cannot be easily socialized to get along with other pets.

Health Problems

There are no known health problems that are specific to this breed. The ailments they suffer from are common to most other dog breeds. Their life expectancy is not well known, but they will generally not live longer than 14 years.


The Mcnab is an active dog breed that needs extensive amounts of exercise. They are not good dogs for those that live in apartments, and they will need to be kept in a small to the large-sized yard. They enjoy being taken for long walks, and owners will want to reserve a reasonable amount of time to spend with them.

Special Grooming Needs

Not much is known about the grooming needs of the Mcnab. Owners will want to comb or brush the coat when it is needed, and these dogs should only be bathed when it is necessary.