Irish Red and White Setter Pictures and Information

The Irish Red and White Setter is a medium-large sized breed of dog. They weigh between 50-75 pounds and stand between 24 to 26 inches in height.


Irish Red and White Setter Description

They have strong builds and are very athletic. They are similar in appearance to Red Setters. Their eyes are hazel or brown. Their coats are feathered finely. Their coats may have a slight wave but are never curly. Their coats are always red and white. Irish Red and White Setters began as Irish Setters, which were at the time, red and white or pure red. Pure red setters were rare at first but gained popularity in 1850. With this demand for red Irish Setters, Red and White Setters became nearly extinct. In the early 1940s, the breed was revived by a group of enthusiasts. The breed is now known as the Irish Red and White rather than just the Irish Setter.

Irish Red and White Setter

Country of Origin



Irish Red and White Setters are extremely energetic. They are affectionate and intelligent. They are wonderful with children and other animals. They are an all-around great breed. They are lovable and sensitive. Some can be quite hyperactive where others are more reserved. The breed is easily housebroken. All forms of this breed, whether show or field, make wonderful house pets.

Health Problems

Irish Red and White Setters are prone to Posterior Polar Cataracts, which is a minor form of cataract that rarely leads to blindness.  Be mindful of the hind legs as well.  The structure of this animal makes them prone to hip problems.  If the dog fails to walk straight or limps with the hind legs take them to the vet immediately for x-rays and an examination.


Irish Red and White Setters need a great deal of exercise. It may seem that their energy is endless. They are best suited for households with large back yards or country areas where they can run free safely. They are a breed that when let run free, will always return. They are not recommended for apartments. If they are not given proper exercise they may become restless and fail to obey commands.

Special Grooming Needs

Irish Red and White Setters require daily brushing. Brushing them will ensure their coats stay soft and healthy. This breed sheds an average amount and it is best to bathe them during the summer months.  Frequent bathing in summer will keep the animal comfortable.