Beauceron Dog Pictures and Information

The Beauceron is an athletic dog breed that is powerful but is not heavy. These dogs are about the same size as a Doberman Pinscher and will have the same coat colors.


Beauceron Dog Description

The coat will be tan and black, and there should be marks above the eyes and near the upper lip. In addition to this, there should also be marks on the breast, legs, and tail. Some of these dogs may also have gray markings as well. The Beauceron should have a short coat, and it will be designed to protect it in cold weather. The dewclaws on this breed should not be removed if the owner wants to showcase the dog at a show. The ears should be cropped, and the eyes should have a dark color.

The Beauceron is an old breed that was mentioned in 16th-century documents, though it may have existed before this time. It originates in France, and the similarities between it and the Doberman Pinscher have led some to believe that the two dogs may be related.

Beauceron Dog

Also Known As

  • Beauce Shepherd
  • Berger de Beauce
  • Bas Rouge (Red Stocking)
  • French Shorthaired Shepherd


The Beauceron is a brave dog that has exceptional levels of intelligence. Because of this, these dogs are easy to train and are quick to obey commands that are given to them. The size and expression of this breed make them excellent guard dogs. These dogs are highly active and are happiest when they are able to move about in large spaces. They have an instinct to herd and will do so unless their owners train them not to. The Beauceron is a calm dog but is not good with children unless it has been socialized with them.

Health Problems

These dogs are generally very healthy. Depending on their line, they may develop bloat, and they may also develop hip dysplasia due to their weight. The Beauceron has a maximum life expectancy of 12 years.


The Beauceron is a breed that needs lots of space and attention. Owners will want to make sure it is given large amounts of exercise. Because of the endurance that these dogs have, you will need to reserve plenty of space for them. If the Beauceron doesn’t get good amounts of exercise, it will become lazy. It is not enough to take it on short walks. It must be taken on long walks consistently, and it should be allowed to run free in a safe location.

Special Grooming Needs

The Beauceron has a coat that is easy to maintain. It will need to be groomed only when it is needed, and this will typically be when the dog starts to shed. These dogs will shed standard amounts of fur.