Eurasier Dog Pictures and Information

The Eurasier is a moderate-sized dog breed that is famous in Europe, but rare in the United States. It originates in Germany and has an elaborate coat with a muscular body.


Eurasier Dog Description

The acceptable coat colors for the Eurasier are black, tan black, grey, fawn, or red. The undercoat of this breed should be dense, and the outer coat should have a moderate length. The tail should be fluffy, and the fur on the hind legs should belong. While the fur on the necks of these dogs should be a bit longer than the rest of the body, a mane should not be present. The tongue of the Eurasier may be pink or a mixture of blue black.

These dogs were first bred in Germany during the 1960s by Julius Wipfel. The goal of developing this dog was to create a good combination from the Keeshond and Chow Chow. The Keeshond/Chow Chow hybrid was later bred with the Samoyed to give us the breed that we recognize today.

Eurasier Dog

Also Known As

Eurasian Dog


The Eurasier is a loving dog that has a calm disposition. They are highly alert and will be suspicious of any strangers they encounter. While these dogs should not be timid, they must also not be aggressive. These dogs are known for building a strong bond with their owners and families. They are excellent with children, and owners will want to make sure they are consistent with their training methods. The Eurasier will not respond well to harsh training methods. While this breed is intelligent, they do not make good work dogs. It is also important for owners to make sure they are not tied up.

Health Problems

There are no health problems that are specific to this breed. Because of the size of these dogs, owners may want to watch for hip dysplasia. Other than this, the Eurasier is healthy and will have a maximum life expectancy of 14 years.


The Eurasier enjoys exercise, and owners will want to give it to them. They have large amounts of agility and should be allowed to run and play in a wide-open area that is secure. They are good dogs for those who live in apartments, and while they are energetic outside, they will be relaxed when they are indoors. These dogs should never be placed in a kennel, as they will begin displaying behavioral problems.

Special Grooming Needs

The Eurasier has an elaborate coat that owners will need to consistently groom. A firm brush or comb should be used, and these dogs should only be given baths when they need it. Their shedding patterns are unknown.