Hungarian Greyhound Pictures and Information

The Hungarian Greyhound is a dog breed that originates in Hungary. The head may resemble a triangle when viewed from the top, and the skull should be wide.


Hungarian Greyhound Description

A small stop should be present. The muzzle of the Hungarian Greyhound should be powerful. The jaws should be strong as well, and the eyes should be moderate in size. The ears of these dogs should have the shape of the letter “V.” The acceptable eye color for these dogs is brown, and the body should be muscular with an extended length. Every color is acceptable for the coat of this breed, but they must be solid.

Many experts believe that the Hungarian Greyhound is a descendant of Greyhounds that originated from Asia. It is often called the Magyar Agar because it is said that the Magyars were responsible for breeding these dogs with existing hounds in the region.

Hungarian Greyhound

Also Known As

Magyar Agar

Country of Origin



The Hungarian Greyhound falls under the category of the Sighthound family. They are strong and brave, and though they are not as fast as the legendary Greyhound, they are skilled trackers that have extensive amounts of endurance. While these dogs are persistent on the field, they are loving and loyal to their masters. Owners will want to train these dogs firmly. They are independent, but make excellent pets for the family. It has successfully been used in its country of origin to hunt small game such as rabbits. The Hungarian Greyhound is a great companion, and it is ideal for those who like to hunt.

Health Problems

This is a healthy breed. The only health problems that should concern owners are those that are common to most dogs. The Hungarian Greyhound may have a maximum life expectancy of 14 years.


Like virtually all hunting dogs, the Hungarian Greyhound needs extensive amounts of exercise. Even though it can live in urban environments, it will be the responsibility of the owner to make sure the dog runs around in a safe location where is not in danger of being hit by vehicles. These dogs love to run, and they must be given the space to do so. They have short coats that won’t protect them in cold environments, so owners will want to cover them during the winter months. These dogs should not be allowed to go near herds or cattle.

Special Grooming Needs

The coat of the Hungarian Greyhound should be brushed twice a week. They don’t need extensive amounts of grooming, and they should rarely need to be given baths.