Estrela Mountain Dog Pictures and Information

The Estrela Mountain Dog is a breed that will feature a coat that may be long or short. The outer coat of these dogs may be dense, but they should not be too rough.


Estrela Mountain Dog Description

While the texture may be wavy, it should not be curly. The undercoat of the Estrela Mountain Dog will generally have a color that is lighter than the external coat. The hair on the head should be smooth. Some of the acceptable coat colors for this breed are fawn, brindle, or grey. The color black should be present on the muzzle, and white patches may be seen on the chest.

The tail of the Estrela Mountain Dog should be held low.

Estrela Mountain Dog

Also Known As

  • Cão da Serra da Estrela
  • Portuguese Sheepdog
  • Serra da Estrela Mountain Dog


The Estrela Mountain Dog is a breed that is known for its reliability. While these dogs are loving towards their masters, they will be reserved in the presence of strangers. They are known for their high levels of intelligence, and though they can sometimes be stubborn, they can be trained if owners are patient and consistent. Estrela Mountain Dog is a breed that originates in Portugal, and these dogs were bred to protect cattle. They were known for frequently getting into fights with wolves. Because of this, these dogs may display protective behaviors. They may also get into fights with other dogs they encounter.

Health Problems

There are no known health problems that are specific to the Estrela Mountain Dog. Any diseases that develop with these dogs are common with other breeds as well. While the exact live expectancy of these dogs isn’t known, they may not live longer than 15 years.


The Estrela Mountain Dog is a herding breed that owners will need to sufficient amounts of exercise. They should be taken for long walks whenever it is necessary, and it is important for owners to make sure they are allowed to run free in an open area. These dogs are not good for people who live in apartments. Owners will want to make sure they are given a sizeable yard to move around in.

Special Grooming Needs

Little is known about the grooming requirements for these dogs. Because some of them may come with long coats, it is likely that owners will need to brush or comb the coats on a daily basis. Any tangles or mats which appear should be removed. The Estrela Mountain Dog should only be given a bath when they need it. Not much is known about the shedding patterns of this breed.