Beagle Harrier Pictures and Information

The Beagle Harrier is a French dog breed that is moderate in size. The skull should be somewhat wide, and the stop should be barely noticeable.


Beagle Harrier Description

The bridge of the nose should be straight, and the muzzle of these dogs should taper. While the stop of the Beagle Harrier is not well defined, the nose is quite prominent. The ears should be short and moderate in size. They should hang flat against the sides of the dog’s head, and the eyes should be broad in size and dark in color. The body of this dog should be well defined. The stomach should have a small tuck, and the body should be muscular. The coat of the Beagle Harrier should have a tricolor combination that features the colors fawn, black, tan, or white.

This dog breed was first bred in the 19th century by Baron Gerard. It is a mixture of both the Beagle and the Harrier, and it is from this two breed that its name is derived.

Beagle Harrier

Country of Origin



The Beagle Harrier is a tough dog that is quick and also extremely agile. These dogs have lots of determination and will display significant amounts of loyalty to their masters. This breed also has a powerful sense of smell, and they will behave well with other dogs. They will show large amounts of strength in the field, but they are calm and relaxed when they are at home around their owners and families. These dogs are great with children, and the Beagle Harrier is the ideal family dog.

Health Problems

There are not many health problems that are specific to the Beagle Harrier. Hip dysplasia may be a problem, but overall, this is a healthy breed. The Beagle Harrier may have a maximum life expectancy of 12 to 13 years.


The Beagle Harrier is a hunting breed that needs extensive amounts of exercise. Owners will want to make sure they are given a large amount of space, and they will perform best in a large yard. They may not be a good dog for people who live in apartments. They should be taken for long walks on a consistent basis, but owners will want to avoid unleashing them in public, as their strong sense of smell can cause them to run off.

Special Grooming Needs

The Beagle Harrier has a moderate-sized coat that owners will want to brush on a consistent basis. In addition to this, owners should rarely have to give these dogs baths. The Beagle Harrier may shed a standard amount of fur.