Hovawart Dog Pictures and Information

The Hovawart is a large dog that is highly energetic, but it is not heavy. It has a deep bark, and its ears are shaped like triangles.



These dogs have tails that are somewhat bushy, and their heads are powerful. The muzzle of a Hovawart should never be longer than the head. The teeth should be in the form of a level bite, and they may also form a scissors bite. The eyes of these dogs will be dark, and they will have a long, thick coat which will either be blonde, tan, or black in color. The eye color of these dogs is consistent with the color of their coats.

The Hovawart was first bred over 100 years ago in Germany. It is mixed with a number of different German breeds, and some of these include the German Shepherd and the Hungarian Kuvasz. The Hovawart was bred to be a working dog. While this dog is popular in Germany, it is not well known outside the country. It is a breed that is alert and full of energy.

Hovawart Dog


While the Hovawart is peaceful at home, it is very active when it is outside. These dogs are loyal and obedient, and though they are good with families, they will only create a strong bond with a single member. They are excellent with children when they are properly trained. The Hovawart is wary of strangers, but is calm and has a great demeanor. Hovawarts are excellent watchdogs who will work hard to protect their owners. These dogs are exceptionally intelligent and are easy to train. This breed is well known for being watchdogs.

Health Problems

While these dogs are generally very healthy, they may develop thyroid problems, and they may also have hip dysplasia. However, great efforts have been made to reduce the occurrence of these ailments in the breed. The Hovawart has a maximum life expectancy of 14 years.


The Hovawart enjoys getting large amounts of exercise. Owners will want to take it for long walks, and it can quickly move over rough terrain. These dogs are very territorial and will spend lots of time in the place where they live.

Special Grooming Needs

The Hovawart has a coat which can easily be cared for. Owners will want to brush the dog whenever they need it, and they will also want to remove any tangles that may appear in the coat. The Hovawart will shed a standard amount of fur.