Estonian Hound Pictures and Information

Estonian Hounds are a medium-sized breed. They are a strong and muscular breed. Their coat is rough and shiny. Their coats have many patches in many different colors.



The most common colors for the patches of an Estonian Hound are black, brown, and red. Their tails are covered in thick hair and always have a white tip. Their eyes are dark brown. The Estonian Hound is the only breed of dog developed in Estonia. The breed is primarily used for hunting. In July of 1934, a law was passed in Estonia that forbade hunting dogs from being higher than seventeen inches. Many hunting dogs such as Beagles, Swiss Hounds, Luzern Hounds, and Bern Hounds were mixed in hopes of creating a new breed that met hunting requirements.

In 1954 the Estonian Hound was approved for hunting and quickly became and sensation among hunters. In 1998 the Estonian Hound was recognized as a breed in virtually every part of the world.

Estonian Hound


The Estonian Hound is a very happy and pleasant breed. They are balanced and calm. They are not aggressive in any way. They must be socialized early in age and exposed to many new environments to avoid timidness and shyness. They enjoy being around other dogs and usually even cats. They are ideal pets for children. One of the most affectionate breeds known today they must have a great deal of human companionship. An Estonian Hound cannot be left alone for long periods of time. Although they have been bred for hunting they cooperate well to teachings that deter them from doing so. It is a must to break your Estonian Hound of its hunting urges as it is illegal to use the Estonian Hound for hunting purposed outside of their native Estonia.

Health Problems

There are relatively no known problems directly associated with the Estonian Hound. Problems that may affect your Estonian Hounds are those that could easily affect any breed. Allergies may cause stuffiness in their nasal passages. Without their sense of smell, an Estonian Hound can become listless and a finicky eater.


The Estonian Hound is an energetic working dog with enormous stamina. Estonian Hounds needs a great deal of exercise. At least two hours a day need to be spent walking your Estonian Hound. A forested area is an ideal place for long walks. Off-leash dog parks are also a particularly good way to ensure your Estonian Hounds gets plenty of exercises. An Estonian Hound has a keen sense of smell and tends to follow his nose. They can be difficult to control. A strong leash is a must for walking the breed. Be sure to keep them away from cars as they have a tendency to chase them.

Special Grooming Needs

The Estonian Hound requires very little grooming. Brushing and bathing can be done only when necessary. They shed an average amount twice a year.