Carolina Dog Pictures and Information

The Carolina Dog is a wild dog breed that has been found living in the Southeastern United States. It seems to be a native dog that lives near swamps, and it has a number of interesting characteristics.


Carolina Dog Description

It appears that the Carolina Dog is a close relative to modern US breeds, but further genetic research must be conducted to determine its lineage. What is known is that this is a primitive dog breed that is similar to the Dingo. The Carolina Dog has triangular shaped ears that should stand erect on the top of its head. The tail is long, and it should be held high. There are a number of coat colors are acceptable for this breed, and some of them are light brown, black, fawn, and white. Tricolor combinations may be present.

The stop should not be prominent, and the body should have a compact shape. The nose should be dark in color, and the eyes should have an almond shape.

Carolina Dog

Also Known As

  • American Dingo
  • Dixie Dingo
  • North American Native Dog

Country of Origin

United States


Though the Carolina dog is a wild breed, it is easy to domesticate. These dogs are known for being shy around humans, and they may not respond well to excessive handling unless they are properly trained while they are puppies. Once they are trained properly, the Carolina Dog will show a large amount of reliability to those that care for it. These are pack dogs that will want to feel like they are a part of the family. They are good with children, and they will get along well with other dogs.

Health Problems

Like many wild dogs, the Carolina Dog is a healthy breed. There are no known health problems that are specific to them, and they will have a maximum life expectancy of about 14 years.


It is not necessary for owners to give this breed a large amount of exercise. It should be taken on a walk daily, and owners will want to give it dog toys to play with. Because of their wild heritage, the Carolina Dog may not be a good breed for those that live in small homes or apartments. It will need a large amount of space to move around in, and owners will want to at least reserve a large yard for it.

Special Grooming Needs

The Carolina Dog is independent when it comes to grooming. It can groom itself without the assistance of its