Hellenikos Poimenikos Pictures and Information

The Hellenikos Poimenikos is also known as the Greek Sheepdog or Greek Shepherd. They are medium to large in size.


Hellenikos Poimenikos Description

The breed possesses great physical strength. They have strong, solid bodies. The breed has a massive head that seems out of proportion to the rest of their bodies. They have very thick skin that is covered in dense fur. Common coat colors include black, gray, brown, and white. They have wide and deep muzzles. Their eyes are average size, seemingly small considering the size of their heads. Their eyes are brown. They either have thick, long tails or no tails at all. The Hellenikos Poimenikos breed originated in an area of Greece known as the Foothills. When sheepherders migrated from Turkey to Greece they brought along their dogs, Turkish Akbash Dogs. It is believed that the Hellenikos Poimenikos breeds derived from the Turkish Akbash Dog.

Hellenikos Poimenikos

Also Known As

  • Greek Sheepdog
  • Greek Shepherd


The Hellenikos Poimenikos is not the ideal breed if you are just looking for a pet. They are never a good choice when picking a family dog. They are proud and extremely hard working. They have an independent streak that cannot be broken. They are only loyal and protective to their owner and their flock. They have an intense sense of duty, they are only content when given a task to follow. They do not make friends with other dogs in most cases. They are a very dominant breed. They will fight to be top dog. They have an aggressive nature and will act out in violent ways if they feel threatened or feel their owner is being threatened. Early socialization is an absolute must with a Hellenikos Poimenikos, without it they can be dangerous to people and other animals.

Health Problems

There are no health problems that are targeted specifically to the Hellenikos Poimenikos. They have a strong immune system and are not affected by many of the diseases and disorders that commonly affect many dog breeds. That is not to say that they never get ill, just that when they do it doesn’t affect them as strongly as it may some other breeds.


The Hellenikos Poimenikos is a very energetic breed. Without proper amounts of exercise, they will become bored and act out in negative ways such as barking. They also tend to become very destructive if they are not properly stimulated. Hellenikos Poimenikos know when they need to get some exercise and if they do not have the proper room and time to do so they will be sure to let you know.


Most professional groomers will not groom a Hellenikos Poimenikos. The breed is far too wary of strangers to have another bathe or brush them. It is entirely up to the owner to care for their Hellenikos Poimenikos coat. Brushing a few times every couple of weeks is necessary to avoid matting. Matting especially occurs around the ears and neck so those areas may need special attention.